We are currently closed Sundays & Mondays

 We are located at 1067 N Fulton Ave / Fresno, CA 93728

You can reach us at 559-325-4429.

The Fresno LGBT Community Center is the primary project of Gay Central Valley, an official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit based in Fresno, California. Everyone who works for Gay Central Valley and the Fresno LGBT Community Center is a volunteer. We survive only through donations and contributions. Please visit our Donation page here to support us, keep our doors open, and allow us to continue to support the LGBT community in Fresno.


The Story of the Center....

The Center opened officially in January of 2011. There had not been an LGBT Community Center in Fresno for about 20 years. Gay Central Valley was looking for an office to run our operations out of when we found a small office in the Tower District of Fresno, CA. The office space has a small space in front of the main office that we decided would be a good start for a community center. There was only enough room for a couple of chairs and a few brochure racks, but we moved forward.

Only nine months later, feeling the confines of the space, we had to expand to a larger office in the same complex in order to better serve the community as we expanded.

We further expanded our reach in 2013 by becoming an official Safe Place, sanctioned by the Fresno EOC. Becoming a Safe Place allowed us another way to serve youth in the area. Safe Place locations provide a solution to youth seeking shelter assistance.

Then, in 2014, facing a 70% increase in rent, we moved again, just a couple of blocks away. Our new space is three times the size of our second location and is better located on Fulton Street in the Tower District.

During any given month we service about 250 phone calls, 80 visitors, and hundreds of email inquiries a month. We currently have 2,000 names on our email list. The Center provides space over 30 times a month for groups and individuals to come in, get informed, get involved, meet, and connect.