Board of Directors & Advisory Board

2015-2016 Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: Chris Jarvis
SECRETARY: Kaylia Metcalfe Armstrong
TREASURER: Kayleia Southard

BOARD MEMBERS:  Bobbie Mendez, Bryan Dixon


Chris Jarvis, PRESIDENT 

ChrisIn 2005, after a long career in Hotel Management, Chris stepped away from the corporate world and decided to devote his energy to LGBT activism in the Central Valley. After writing and working for several local websites, as well as organizing local events, in 2009 he was integral in founding Gay Central Valley, an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit, dedicated to the underserved LGBT Community in the Central Valley of California. In 2011, he envisioned and helped create the first physical LGBT Community Center in Fresno in over 20 years. He works every day to not only run Gay Central Valley and to manage and staff the Fresno LGBT Community Center, but also to diligently promote awareness, education and support of the LGBT Community. Chris is a consistent voice in Gay Central Valley’s Cultural Competency Training.

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Kaylia Metcalfe-Armstrong, SECRETARY

KayliaKaylia Metcalfe-Armstrong is an author, a stay at home mother, and an active LGBT activist. She has been working toward equal rights for over fifteen years all over California. As a writer and active volunteer with Gay Central Valley, Kaylia has been involved in multiple panel discussions, event committees, and LGBT related projects, including the written collection, Our Stories: Voices of the LGBT Community Anthology.  Currently, her focus is on fund development, the community center, and making Fresno a safe place for the LGBT Community. Kaylia is also a consistent voice in Gay Central Valley’s Cultural Competency Training. She runs a book club, a skeptics group, and is currently working on a series of children’s books.

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Bobbie Mendez, TREASURER

BobbieBobbie  is co founder of NEED THE BUCK$ ENTERPRI$E$, a not for profit organization, which for the last nine years has organized events and raised money for various local and non profit organizations.  She co-founded Team STR8 with a TWIST for the Fresno Aids Walk and is the current Captain of that team.  Additionally, Bobbie is a three year member and greeter of the Visalia Pride Lions Club (a fraternal organization). Her work history includes; Executive Chef, Detention Facility Supervisor, S.P.A.B. School Bus Driver, Mountain Crew Supervisor (for USFD and USPS), Vocational Training Instructor (food service/automotive specialties), and beer Route/Salesperson. Bobbie is a 2007 graduate and alumni of California State University Fresno, with a BA in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship Option).  For leisure she enjoys oil painting, rock concerts, and fine wine.

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2015 – 2016 Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Pamela Tramell – Community Member

Anthony Ash – Community Member

Tiana Perez – Fresno Fresbians

James Figueroa – Former Reel Pride President / Community Member

Victor Kral – Community Member

Dawn Marie Luna – CA State University, Fresno

Kate Henry – Former GCV BOD Member, Community Member

MaryJane Skjellerup – Youth Leadership Institute

Justin Kamimoto – My LGBT Plus & Fresno’s M.E.A.L.

Taylor Harris – Community Member

Luis Tejeda – United Student Pride – CSUF

Rhea Martin – Californians For Justice